6 Reasons Why Buying An Elderly Care Phone Is Still A Good Idea

Almost everyone today relies on their smartphones for a wide variety of things. Be it entertainment, social sharing, education, or work; smartphones have infiltrated our lives completely. It's the same for the elderly. Many seniors rely on mobile devices to track their health, reminders, directions, and much more.


What Is An Elderly Care Phone?

An elderly care phone is any kind of phone tailored and optimised for elderly users. Such phones are designed with ease of use for the older generation users as top propriety. Unlike other phones, elderly care phones come with specific features for our senior loved ones. For instance, phones come with large buttons, an SOS function, a simplified user interface, and much more.


6 Reasons To Buy Phones For Elderly Family Members

Unlike years gone by, when landline service and landline phones were predominantly used for making calls, today's phones are more capable and can function more than just making phone calls. As such, they're invaluable devices that every elderly family member should have. Some of the reasons seniors should purchase care phones include:

1. Entertainment – Smartphones give users access to thousands of entertainment apps. Whether you're interested in playing online games or want to listen to an audiobook, there is an app to cater to your needs. Thousands of free or paid apps have allowed our baby boomer loved ones to stay connected, entertained, and busy.

2. High-End Camera In The Palm Of Your Hand - Modern phones have highly advanced camera systems. These are perfect for the elderly to immortalise their experiences by taking pictures. The point-and-shoot nature of taking photographs using smartphones makes it easy to take photos for the elderly. Additionally, smartphones tend to have ample storage to store countless images and videos.

3. Monitoring Your Health – Elderly care phones are perfect for monitoring health. They sync and pair with health monitoring sensors such as activity trackers, B.P. trackers, and much more. These allow the elderly, their loved ones, and their physicians to monitor the progress of their health.

4. Virtual Assistant – Smart cell phones typically come with a virtual assistant. iPhones have Siri, and Android-based smartphones have Google Assist. Using these virtual assistants, smartphone users can set medicine-taking reminders, get directions, make online purchases, and much more. Importantly, seniors can do all of these tasks using voice commands only.

5. Safety And Location Identification Apps – Smartphones are capable of downing loading loads of safety apps designed for elderly care. You can customise the phone with apps that enhance their safety at home and while on the move. Equally, smartphones allow caregivers to know the exact location of their loved ones. As part of caregiving, the caregivers need to know where their loved ones are. Additionally, care phones allow the elderly and their loved ones to monitor home security systems and access emergency services, including reporting power outages, calling emergency medical personnel, and much more

6. Ease of Interaction With Loved Ones – Elderly care phones, whether dumb phones or smartphones, allow the elderly to interact with their ones, such as children and grandchildren, from the comfort of their homes. If you opt for a smartphone, you have an option for video chats that allow grandparents and grandchildren to interact more visually, allowing the two generations to interact no matter where they are in the world.

Buying an Elderly Care Phone

What To Look For When Buying Elderly Care Phones For Seniors

Sound Quality – Hearing and being heard is essential for many seniors when talking over the phone. While in an environment with noisy background (say, in the living and the T.V or radio is on), hearing the phone ring or hearing the person on the other end of the call can be difficult. As such, a hearing impaired senior should look for a care phone with an "extra loud" feature for the ring and earpiece. For the elderly using a hearing aid, you need a phone that's hearing-aid compatible.

Screen Size – To make it easy for the elderly to use their phone, the screen must be large and produce crystal clear graphics. A large clear screen increases the readability of content such as caller id even when faced with sun glare. That said, you need to consider the optimal grip and whether you'll pocket the phone. An extra-large phone with a huge screen might be easier to read, but it might be challenging to hold with one hand or carry in your pockets.

Camera – Seniors who love taking pictures and storing them in their phones should consider purchasing a mobile care phone with a high-quality camera system and ample storage.

Optimised User Interface (Keypad Or Touchscreen Pad) – There are advantages to having physical buttons or a touchpad. For instance, if you or an elderly loved one has trouble using small buttons that phones with physical buttons have, consider using a smartphone with a large screen. Conversely, if you or an elderly loved has dexterity issues and finds using a touchpad difficult, a phone with sliding physical buttons is more appropriate.

Large Print Option – Related to the phone's user interface, you should consider phones with large print options. As we age, our eyesight tends to deteriorate. Consequently, an elderly loved one will find it challenging to use a screen with small print. Ideally, when purchasing an elderly care phone, ensure it has the option for large font, which is better and more efficient text readability.

VoIP Service – Also called I.P. telephony, Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that allows people to make calls using an internet connection. The feature is vital for seniors who have to connect with their loved ones via phone calling across long distances such as overseas. Other features to consider when buying a care phone include an emergency button to automatically call emergency responders, health monitoring capability, and hands-free assistance.

Final Thoughts

Care phones for the elderly are not a luxury in today's world. They're indeed a necessity. They're essential to helping seniors stay healthy and fit while reducing the constraints of loved ones interacting with seniors.

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