Aged Care Equipment In Brisbane

Feeling healthy and living life to the fullest is important at any age. However, when we get older we run the risk of losing our ability to function at optimal levels. Some of the things seniors fear most is the loss of independence, mobility, and other changes that accompany growing old. 

If a loved one in your family has reached the stage where they are no longer able to care for themselves, the most important thing you can do is ensure they have the appropriate aged care equipment to make their lives easier. And if that person is no longer able to move around on their own, the proper equipment will make the task for a caregiver much easier. 

Get About Mobility offers a large range of aged care equipment that makes it easy for your loved ones to maintain their mobility and live a more confident and comfortable life.

About Get About Mobility

It takes time, diligence, and an understanding of what is needed to fit out an aged care environment so you want to make sure that you get the best equipment you need and at a fair price. There are numerous aged care equipment suppliers online so you need to know what to look for when selecting the right company to deal with.

If you are looking for patient mobility hardware, probably the most important things to consider in choosing an aged care equipment supplier is their experience in the market and whether they have an established history in the aged care industry. 

Get About Mobility has more than 900 products to select from that are durable, affordable, and comfortable. Our family-owned business is 100% Australian-operated and specialise in mobility care equipment and home modification. 

We believe that our comprehensive range of quality aged care products can help empower caregivers and patients alike to stay in control and live a more confident and fulfilling life.

Why Choose Get About Mobility


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 Our unique ability to provide aged care equipment that meets the specific requirements of individual customers is probably one of the main reasons to trust Get About Mobility as your first choice for all your aged care mobility equipment.

  • Proudly Australian owned and a registered NDIS provider
  • More than 900, high-quality equipment and accessibility products to choose from, all with   relevant manufacturer’s warranties
  • Fast and affordable direct delivery to all areas. Orders are generally processed the same day.
  • Exchange or refund policy should you change your mind
  • Easy, online payments or you can place your order by phone


Keep Your Aged Loved Ones Independent And Safe

With individually tailored aged care equipment from Get About Mobility, you can have peace of mind that your aged loved ones are safe and can enjoy a more independent, meaningful, and dignified life.

Keep Your Aged Loved Ones At Home

Most seniors prefer to spend their retirement years in the comfort of their own homes. Unfortunately, when it becomes difficult for them to get around or they need professional care, aged care equipment is a cost-effective alternative to full-time care in old age or residential care homes.

Get About Mobility is Australia’s go-to partner for aged care equipment and accessories to enhance and safeguard the lives of aged, mobility-challenged individuals. We understand that each situation is unique and can help you find the right solution that suits your needs best.

If you are looking for quality and affordable aged care equipment in Brisbane, please visit our online store or call Get About Mobility on 1300 168 902 or leave an enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.