Quality And Affordable Disability And Aged Care Equipment In Melbourne

If you need help getting around and improving your mobility, you would benefit immensely from getting a mobility aid. At Get About Mobility Melbourne, we fully comprehend that circumstances can vary from one person to the next. This is why we offer a wide variety of disability and aged care equipment in Melbourne. We not only serve the elderly community in Melbourne, but also cater to the needs of disabled, injured and ailing persons in our society.ย 

Whether you suffer from an injury or illness that has affected your ability to move or perform day to day tasks independently, or you live with a disability that makes it difficult to be mobile, our range of disability and aged care equipment will be extremely helpful.

Why Use Get About Mobility Melbourne?

We are a registered NDIS provider and source all our disability and aged care equipment from the most trusted and well known companies and manufacturers to ensure optimal performance and durability. It is for this reason that you should make Get About Mobility your preferred choice when it comes to aged care equipment.

Market Leader

Get About Mobility is the market leader on all things related to disability and aged care equipment and products. Our team of dedicated staff have many years of experience serving the Melbourne community as well as other clients from across the country.

Quality Products

You can be sure that any product or equipment you purchase from us has undergone rigorous quality assurance tests to ascertain that they are both safe and reliable for use by elderly and disabled persons in Melbourne.

Custom Solutions

Different people have varying needs when it comes to aged care and disability equipment. Both individual and institutional clients have unique problems that can only be solved by custom equipment solutions. We are proud to be able to offer custom solutions for disability and aged care equipment in Melbourne.

Exceptional Customer Service

If customer service is a major priority for you, look no further than Get About Mobility. We guarantee the highest level of customer service. We offer friendly and informative customer service for optimal client satisfaction.

Unrivalled Industry Experience

When it comes to procuring or purchasing aged care equipment for the elderly, itโ€™s crucial that you find a reliable source that has the relevant knowledge and experience regarding the various products available on the global market. Get About Mobility Melbourne offers unrivalled industry experience that is coupled with vast knowledge across more than 900 products that enhance the lives of the elderly and people with a disability in society.

Enhanced Mobility Using Walking Aids

You can enhance your mobility while also improving your overall quality of life by investing in any one of our walking or mobility aids. We offer a wide selection of walking and mobility aids that can make independent movement possible, easy and convenient. You can look forward to enhanced independence, reduced pain and an overall boost in confidence.


A cane is an ideal product for elderly persons who have moderate stability and balance issues. This is a fundamental piece of equipment that all people who are in their golden years should have.

Wheeled/Rolling walkers

We also stock a broad range of rollators (also referred to as rolling or wheeled walkers). Rollators are ideal for elderly persons who have difficulties standing or for those who need additional support.


If you are looking for quality and affordable aged care equipment in Melbourne, please visit our online store or call Get About Mobility on 1300 168 902 or leave an enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.