Wheelchair Hire

Are you looking for disability and aged care equipment for hire? Having readily accessible disability and aged care equipment makes it easy for you or a loved one to gain confidence and become more independent. A reliable mobility aid should be able to handle homecare, institutional, or aged care needs. 

For that, you need to choose the right company to get the best aged care equipment for your needs and preferences. When it comes to wheelchairs, it is important to have a wheelchair that can help you lead an active life without worrying about your safety or the safety of your loved one. Here at Get About Mobility, we have the solution to your problem!  

Payment Options:

  • All prices quoted will incur delivery charges subject to delivery region. Only credit card payments accepted.

Rental Terms and Conditions:

  • Minimum hire period 1-week.
  • Delivery, pickup charges apply. 
  • Credit card payments only.
  • Hirer responsible for loss or damage.

Wheelchair Hire

Aluminium Transporter - 45cm - $50 p/w

Silver liquid painted aluminium frame. Thermal plastic rubber handgrips with attendant brakes. Padded black nylon seat and backrest with seat belt. Fold down backrest for easier transportation. Flip up PU...
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Wheelchair Hire

Standard Lite Steel Wheelchair - Spoke Wheels 50cm - $50 p/w

Lightweight wheelchair with added features: fold up footrest plates and plastic side guards.FEATURES: Powder coated wheelchair. Double cross bar. Plastic handgrips with attendant handbrakes. Fixed armrest - PU arm pad....
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Why Is Get About Mobility the Best?

Why should you consider hiring a wheelchair from Get About Mobility? Here are the reasons why we are one of the most reputable wheelchair-hire businesses in Australia;

• Quality Wheelchairs

Whether you're judging based on performance, safety, comfort, special features, or any other factor, our wheelchairs are of the best quality going around. They are compact and versatile and suited for a variety of applications.

• We Assess Your Disability First

The first thing you need to know before hiring a wheelchair is what features it needs to have to accommodate your handicap. Consider things like your type of disability, whether you can transfer yourself from the wheelchair (to a vehicle seat, bed, or toilet), or whether you have issues controlling your posture. These factors all play a role in what wheelchair will be best suited for you, with your needs always being our starting point. By putting you first, we are sure to offer you the best disability support experience.

• We Have A Wide Range Of Sizes 


Your height, girth, and weight influence the choice of your wheelchair. As a general rule, we always ensure that our wheelchairs are made with a seat that is 2 to 4 cm wider than your hips and can support your weight. Luckily, we've got a wide range of sizes and adjustable wheelchairs to accommodate all sizes of people. 

• Handy Features

We design handy wheelchairs that are functional and easy to use. If you need a folding wheelchair due to space constraints when moving or storing, we've got a wide variety for your convenience. If you'd like a lightweight device for recreation and sports, we've got that too. Our wheelchairs also feature soft-touch grab bars for comfort and much more. One thing is for sure, we’ll provide you with a wheelchair that has the features best suited for your lifestyle.

• Durable Products

Our wheelchairs are made of strong yet light and durable materials, which guarantees sturdy support for you. They set a whole new standard for other brands. You’ll definitely get value for your money with our wheelchairs.


• All-Weather Use


Our finely crafted wheelchairs for hire can withstand wet weather, unfavourable environments, and freezing winters because they are made of stainless and galvanized steel. With such top-quality characteristics, they are excellent at withstanding any conditions for extended periods of time.  


• Electric and Manual Options


Would you like a powerful electric wheelchair that can cover up to 20 kilometres on a fully charged battery or would you rather have a manual one that keeps you active? Whichever suits you.  


Why Should You Invest in a Wheel Chair if You Have Mobility Issues?

Having mobility issues can negatively impact the quality of your life. It can be inconvenient, stressful, and generally challenging to get around. With a wheelchair, you’ll be able to easily navigate yourself without suffering from mobility issues. Here are some reasons why investing in a wheelchair will be worth it:

1. Mobility

If you have issues with your joints, tire easily, are at risk of falling, or are recovering from injury, wheelchairs can help you move independently from one place to another.

2. Safety


You don't want to risk injuries when moving around while struggling with mobility issues! Guarantee your safety with a wheelchair. 

3. Better Physical Health and Quality of Life

By assisting in lowering frequent issues like pressure sores, pain, and issues with deformities, the users' physical health and quality of life are improved. 

4. Comfort

Even while you might not think of a comfy wheelchair as a requirement, it is. Armrests, seat cushions, and accessories can help a great deal to make you comfortable even after spending an extended period of time in a wheelchair. 


5. Promotes Independence

Wheelchairs make it simple and safe for you to move without the help of a caregiver or your loved ones. Make a choice today and keep your independence. 

3 Incredible Reasons To Hire Rather Than Buy a WheelChair

• If You Want To Rent For Travelling 

Do you have an elderly loved one who would like to go on holiday but their wheelchair just seems too bulky? Get a lightweight device to make their trip easier and more convenient.


• Save Money

Hiring is appropriate for you if you just don't have the money to buy a high-quality chair. You can hire one as you save to buy another!


• If You Are Recovering From An Accident 

You or your loved ones may have been involved in an accident and need a wheelchair for rehabilitation. You could save a lot of money by hiring with us instead of buying a wheelchair that you won’t use after rehabilitation. 

6 Key Questions to Consider When Looking for a Wheelchair for Hire


1. What are the dimensions of the chair versus your height and weight? 

2. Do the chair's arm and footrests provide enough support?

3. Can I easily store and transport the chair? 

4. Are the wheels sturdy? 

5. How goodl is the back support of the chair? 

6. What are your individual preferences?


Hire Wheel Chairs From Get About Mobility


Here at Get About Mobility, our ultimate goal is to make you comfortable and have a better quality of life. If you’re looking for exceptional mobility equipment, we’re the right people for you! Hire what you need with us today for a chance to stay comfortable and independent. For more information, contact us today at 1300 168 902. Better together!


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