What Is The Easiest Phone To Use For Seniors?

Modern-day smartphones are complex equipment filled with features that typical users rely upon daily. While many users are conversant with smartphones, their complexity can be overwhelming for some. That’s where care phones for seniors come in; care phones are designed from the ground up to exemplify simplicity and intuitiveness. 


5 Easiest Phones For Seniors

#1. iPhone 13 Pro Max – The latest high-spec offering from Apple, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is an excellent phone for tech-savvy seniors and non-techies alike. It comes with a large and responsive 6.7-inch screen. It also comes with a fast processor and impeccable, class-leading camera.

Additionally, users can customise their devices with thousands of apps available on the App store to meet their specific needs. In a nutshell, you can customise the device to meet the needs of an elderly loved one.

#2. Sunbeam F1 Daisy – On the other end of the technology spectrum is the Sunbeam F1 flip Phone. The Daisy has been designed to be simple to use and reduce phone distractions. As a feature phone, it has the main features you’d want in a phone, including call and text capabilities.

Other features of the phone are a camera, calendar, notes, voice reminders, flashlight, alarm clock, calculator, contact storage, and most importantly, an SOS button on the back of the device.

#3. Samsung A13 5G – For seniors looking for an Android OS-powered phone, the A13 is a good option. It comes with all the features and nuggets of the latest smartphones but at a budget-friendly price. 

For instance, it has a long battery life, reducing the need to charge the phone constantly. It comes with a 6.5-inch display and an excellent camera. And like iOS, seniors can also customise their phones with apps from Google’s app store. 

#4.Lively Jitterbug Flip2 – The Lively Jitterbug Flip2 is an excellent phone for seniors. It features a powerful speaker, hearing aid compatibility, a bright display, large buttons, a built-in magnifier, a voice dialler, and other user-friendly features.

Most importantly, it comes with medical alert capabilities, with the newest models incorporating Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant. It’s also budget-friendly and among the cheapest phones on this list.

#5.Kindle Fire 7” Tablet – While this is not strictly a phone, it can perform most of the things seniors need. For instance, Kindle’s excellent screen perfected for reading also lends itself to intuitive browsing. The HD screen also makes video chatting inherently easy.

The tablet also gives users ample entertainment opportunities, including games and apps on Amazon’s web store. Finally, you get a device with Amazon Alexa, which improves the user experience of browsing the internet or using the device.

What Is The Easiest Phone To Use For Seniors

How To Buy Care Phones For Elderly

  • Internet Access – Video chatting and entertainment need access to the internet. If your loved one enjoys chatting with family members over video calls, you should ensure their care phone can connect to the internet.
  • Screen Size And Quality (Keyboard Size) – Modern mobile phones have high-quality screens. However, for care phones, the screen must be bright and large to make it easy to read for seniors. In the same light, the keyboard, icons, and buttons should be large enough to negate instances of mistyping.
  • Large Print Option – For the screen size, ensure the phone you purchase has a large print option for easy readability. Larger letters are easier to read for seniors with poor eyesight.
  • Health Monitoring Features And Options – If you intend to use your smartphone to monitor the health of a loved one, ensure the phone has health tracking capabilities, especially the range of health indicators you’re interested in tracking. For instance, most seniors track their activity levels, blood pressure, weight, etc.
  • Camera Option – Seniors enjoy photographing the places they visit and their families as much as possible. In the same light, they love viewing photos. If your loved one enjoys taking photos, ensure you purchase a phone with an excellent camera and ample storage.
  • Battery Life – An excellent battery life ensures you can make the call when needed. Always prioritise getting excellent battery life.
  • User-Friendly Experience – The phone should be easy and intuitive to navigate. While a typical smartphone will have numerous options, cell phones for seniors should be inherently simple and easy to navigate.
  • Hearing Aid Compatible – If you or a senior loved one suffers from mild, moderate, or severe hearing loss, you should purchase a phone with hearing aid compatibility. Look at the M-rating of the phone.The M-rating of mobile phones ranges between 1 and 4, with 4 being the most compatible with hearing aids. For instance, all iPhones have an M3 rating.

Sometimes, it might make sense to look into alternatives to a phone. For instance, it might make sense to opt for a tablet if the most common utility of the phone is entertainment and making video calls.

Final thoughts

It’s still a good idea to buy an elderly care phone. Obviously, the phone will come in handy during emergencies by helping your elderly loved one make calls to emergency services and/or to family members.

However, the phone also helps the elderly keep up to date with the latest news, monitor their healthy through apps, check the weather, access GPS tracking while walking or running errands, make video calls with family members, and much more. Just ensure you choose the right care phone for you or your elderly loved one.

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