What Is A Mobility Walker And How Does It Help Reduce Falls?

A mobility walker is a walking aid that includes frames with ground stoppers or rotating wheels. There are many types of mobile walkers available for elderly and disabled persons. Mobility walkers help to reduce falls, depending on where and how they are used. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable walking aid, a mobility walker may just be the perfect fit for you.


Mobility Walkers Overview

All mobility walkers share some key features, such as improving balance and preventing falls. Mobility walkers with ground stoppers provide the best support. On the other hand, mobility walkers with wheels are easier to move and are more suitable for outdoor use.

In general, the width of the frame determines how stable a walker is as well as how easy it is to use in different settings and environments. Some models fold down for transportation or storage, while others offer storage bags, seats and braking systems. It’s advisable to choose a mobility walker based on how much support you need and how you intend to use it. Following is some various ways in which a mobility walker can help you to prevent falls.


1. Increasing Your Base Of Support

Maintaining your balance depends on how well you can keep your body at the centre of your base of support, which is the point at which your feet touch the ground. On their own, your feet offer a narrow base with only 2 points of contact to the ground. Mobility walkers expand this base of support to an extra 4 points, thus offering better overall stability. Having a larger support base is often the most effective way to prevent or reduce falls. All mobility walkers offer a larger support base, although the difference between stoppers and wheels may influence the amount of stability you get.


2. Maintaining Good Posture

Many people who have trouble walking tend to develop stooped or bent postures. Such postures shift the centre of your balance forward, thus increasing your chances of falling. Mobility walkers come in different heights to offer support to your arms for a more upright posture. By maintaining a proper posture while walking, you can reduce falls and other mobility issues like back pain.

What Mobility Walker How Help Reduce Falls

3. Eliminating The Need To Shuffle

People who suffer from balance issues frequently find it difficult to shift weight to either side of their body. This problem can cause a person to develop a shuffling gait to compensate. A shuffling gait makes it easier to trip or catch your feet while walking. If used accordingly, a mobility walker provides additional support to help promote a more regular pattern of walking with improved stride length, speed and floor clearance.


4. Protecting Joints And Distributing Weight

Mobility walkers help to distribute your weight through your arms and legs. This reduces the stress placed on your knees and hips. Enhanced weight distribution not only makes walking easier but also protects sensitive joints from damage. For people who get tired quickly, this improved weight distribution also increases how far you can walk each day. Some mobility walkers come with seats that allow you to rest when needed.


5. Provide Confidence

Fear of falling can lead to loss of confidence and self-esteem, which may result in prolonged periods of inactivity that can make it much more difficult to walk properly again. The stability and support offered by mobility walkers reduce the risk of falling, allowing you to walk confidently and maintain a high level of independence. Just like how ordinary and mobile people use handrails when walking down a steep flight of stairs, mobility walkers can give a person the confidence and support they need to carry on even during times of difficulty.

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