What Are The Most Popular Bathroom Aids For The Elderly?

With age, many people find it difficult to get up from the toilet or bathtub. This is especially true for elderly individuals who can no longer hold themselves steady while standing on their own two feet.

Luckily, there are a variety of bathroom aids for the elderly that can help them with these tasks so they don't have to worry about falling and hurting themselves. If you’d like to learn more about what bathroom aids are and what the most popular types are for the elderly, feel free to continue reading below.


What Are Bathroom Aids?

Bathroom aids are products that can aid individuals with their daily activities involving the bathroom. Bathroom aids can help make tasks like getting in and out of the shower or bath tub easier for people who may need some extra support to maintain their independence at home.

You’ll find many types of products available from companies that create tools designed to meet specific needs. This is especially helpful for those who suffer from disabilities such as arthritis or balance issues.


Why Would Elderly People Need Bathroom Aids?

Elderly people may need bathroom aids because they can experience a range of different health problems that affect their movement and mobility. They are at a much higher risk for falls in comparison with younger adults due to age-related changes like reduced vision and slower reflexes.

This can make it difficult for them to visit the bathroom when they need to go, particularly if there are no safety bars or grab rails in their shower or bathtub and/or they have trouble getting up from a seated position on the toilet. With that in mind, bathroom aids provide valuable help most especially to the elderly.

What Most Popular Bathroom Aids Elderly

Most Popular Bathroom Aids For The Elderly

There are a couple of bathroom aids that are commonly used by the elderly. Some of these bathroom aids include the following: Tap Turners Tap turners help people who have poor hand/finger dexterity or balance problems to be able to use their sink, shower, and bathtub more easily. Tap turners are designed specifically with elderly people in mind because it has that perfect handle the elderly can hold onto while doing their business without fear of potential hazards.


Non-Slip Bath Discs

The non-slip bath disks can prevent accidents and injuries in bathrooms, especially those of older adults who may be at risk of falling when getting into the tub or showering. These inexpensive devices come with textured grips on either side of each disc, which make it easier to hold onto while bathing. The adhesive suction cup design also makes it easy to place on any type of surface without damaging tiles.


Bath Lifts

Bath lifts are an excellent way for the elderly to maintain independence in their bathrooms. They work by raising individuals up out of a low-lying tub, eliminating the need for any assistance. These devices allow the elderly to bathe in comfort.


Suction Grab Rails

Suction grab rails are a great bathroom aid for elderly people who want to make it easier getting in and out of the tub. These durable rails have a non-slip surface and feature an easy-to-use suction mechanism that attaches firmly onto any smooth, flat surface without drilling or screwing. They provide support while sitting on the toilet, for example, by preventing falls with stability handle grips placed at different heights for optimum comfort.


Shower And Bath Stools

The showering process can be difficult for the elderly, so having a sturdy stool in the shower and bath is incredibly useful. If the elderly feel tired and can’t stand up any longer in the bath and shower, they can choose to sit down instead. As a bonus, these bathroom aids can be found in an array of sizes, shapes, colours!


Final Thoughts

We hope this article has given you some insight into what products to use when deciding on bathroom aids for the elderly. 

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