Grab Rails For Mobility: What They Are, Why You Need Them?



There are many benefits associated with installing grab rails in your home, they can be put almost anywhere. They provide support while you carry out tasks, helping you to balance and stay upright without any issues. They are a common feature in hospitals, hotels, and other buildings, they can also be found in bathrooms and bathing tubs. They are a great addition to your home If you need a little extra support while moving around.


Bath & Shower

grab rails for bathtub


Grab rails are perfect for installing in showers and bathtubs, they provide you with added support when standing up or sitting down. They make it easier to enter and exit a bathtub or shower unit, knowing if you lose your footing, you can rely on the grab rail to keep you up. It can be very dangerous for anyone using a shower without a grab rail, the surface is wet, and you can easily slip as you move around. Without grab rails, you’ve nothing to hold onto if you lose your balance. They are also excellent for sitting down, they can be used to guide someone into a seat while they shower.

Grab rails can be used when going to the toilet, you can have them installed beside your unit, making it easy to move up and down. They are designed to help older adults who struggle a little when sitting and standing. As we age our bodies get a little restrictive when it comes to our range of movement, squatting down onto a toilet and getting back up can be challenging, but having a grab rail to assist you makes the task a lot easier.


Increased Mobility

The number of homeowners choosing to install grab rails has continued to increase as older adults are realizing the many benefits of having them in their homes. Grab rails aren’t just restricted to your bathroom, they can be installed outdoors and indoors. Getting around your home or going to the shop and climbing back up steps to open your front door can be difficult without support. But having grab rails installed makes it a lot easier, it increases your mobility and allows you to move more freely around your property. You don’t have to rely on the help of a carer or family member when you want to go to the bathroom, you can carry out these tasks alone.


Injury Reduction

Brushed Stainless Steel - Concealed Fix 32mm

Brushed Stainless Steel - Concealed Fix 32mm

One of the main benefits of having grab rails in your home is safety, they provide added protection when moving around your premises. They reduce the risk of injury by acting as a support mechanism for anyone who wants to use the bathroom, shower, or stairs, and they can be installed almost anywhere.

If you plan on adding this product to your home, make sure you deal with a dependable supplier and installation specialist. They come in a range of materials and our company   offer excellent rates on grab rails. You won’t regret installing such a reliable product that allows you to move around your home safely, without the risk of injury.


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