What Are Mobile Shower Aids and Why Do You Need Them?

The shower can be an extremely dangerous place for seniors, the disabled, and people with mobility issues. How so? The wet conditions and hard surface combo can be lethal, to say the least. What can you do?—Shower aids!

Shower aids support independence and safety while allowing people with impaired mobility to shower more comfortably. In this post, we will take a look at mobile shower aids.


What Are Mobile Shower Aids?

These are movable bathroom accessories that ensure a safe bathing experience. They make bathing safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. That's because they offer a safe way to get into the bath, sit while showering, and move easily around the bathroom.

They protect the user from slipping over in the shower or bathtub and relieve pressure on sensitive areas. Here at Get About Mobility, our most notable mobile shower aid is the mobile shower commode chair.


What Is A Mobile Shower Commode Chair?

This is an adaptive chair that serves several functions to help people with mobility problems use the bathroom safely and conveniently. It can help them transfer into and out of the toilet or shower, shower while seated, and even be used as a commode (toilet).

Granted, transferring from a wheelchair to the toilet and shower can be tiring, which is why this waterproof wheelchair improves the quality of life for the elderly and disabled.


Features of Our Mobile Shower Commode Chairs

  • The frame is built of corrosion-resistant, plastic-coated steel for usage in moist environments
  • Comfortable padding covering the seat and backrest
  • Easy-to-clean commode pan
  • The armrests fold up to make lateral transfers easier
  • Removable and adjustable footrest
  • Weight support of up to 160Kgs
  • Four large castors with brakes
  • Rear handles for secure transportation

Mobile Shower Aids

Why Do You Need a Mobile Shower Aid?

1). Premium Support Poor mobility could be a result of age, an accident, disability, impaired balance, or chronic diseases such as arthritis and diabetes. Whatever the case, you need a device that can support your weight, or even better, one that can support your entire body.

For that, the mobile shower commode chair is perfect. It allows the user to sit while showering and move around easily, reducing pain in pressure points, joints, and other areas. People who can't stand for long will therefore find showers relaxing, easy, and safe.

2). Bathroom Safety Bathrooms are danger zones for those with mobility issues all thanks to their slippery, hard surfaces. That's especially the case for people with reduced balance, motor function, and strength—showers can be lethal.

By using a mobile shower aid, you can minimise the risk of slips and falls. You can transfer into a bath, move around, shower while seated, and even use the commode to relieve yourself. Overall, the chances of falling are eliminated completely.

3). Improved Hygiene Most people with mobility issues lose faith in their ability to manoeuvre around the bathroom. As such, they eventually forgo personal cleanliness to stay safe.

With the use of mobile shower aids, the risk associated with using the bathroom considerably decreases, allowing the disabled or elderly to feel comfortable taking care of their personal hygiene.

4). Enhanced Independence Seniors feel that assisted toileting and showering is an invasion of their privacy, but who wouldn't? To help them retain their independence, it's vital to empower them with showering aids.

This enhances their safety, comfort, and peace of mind, allowing them to maintain their independence.

Need Bathroom Safety Aids for the Elderly or Disabled?

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