8 Kitchen Aids for Elderly and Disabled

As many of us appreciate, performing daily kitchen tasks for the elderly or disabled is not only difficult but can also be hazardous. The vast majority of kitchen equipment is designed and optimised for use by individuals with standard levels of dexterity, grip, and hand-eye coordination.

However, as we age or if one is disabled, these physical qualities tend to diminish, making daily living difficult and challenging. Our list of disability kitchen aids makes it easy for individuals with poor dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and grip to perform these tasks independently.


8 Essential Daily Kitchen Aids for Elderly and Disabled

1. Hand steady Cup – This award-winning cup is designed to help the elderly and disabled drink in a comfortable and dignified manner despite having tremors and diminishing dexterity. Its main feature is a rotating handle that allows users to keep their cup steady and level at any angle, negating the risk of spills while taking a sip.

Additionally, the twisting handle reduces the need to tilt your head backwards or twist the wrist muscles to drink. To drink using this cup, simply hold it with one hand close to your mouth and tilt it with the other hand.

2. Mobile Meal Trolley – For the disabled and the elderly, moving food from the kitchen to the dining table or living room can be a hassle and oftentimes dangerous as well.

A mobile meal trolley allows users to carry their food around without risking falling or spilling their meals. It features height adjustability, removable trays, locking castors, and an easy-to-clean design.

3. Openers – With many food items and drink packed in bottles, cans, and jars, seniors and the disabled need tools to assist them in opening such items. This being the case, you can purchase a multi-opener that opens pressure seal caps (that’s commonly found in carbonised drinks), jar lids, ring pull cans, and twist-off bottles.

Multi-openers have an ergonomic handle that allows users to apply leverage and open the package even when the users have limited dexterity, grip, hand strength, and motor coordination. Alternatively, you can buy separate automatic bottle, can, and jar openers.

Kitchen Aids for Elderly and Disabled

 4. Scoop Bowl And Plate – The scoop bowl and plate are excellent kitchen aids for seniors and the disabled who lack the fine motor skills to use regular plates. They come with a unique rim design that helps users push food onto cutlery. Additionally, they have a suction base that sucks the plate and sticks it onto the table.

5. Kettle Tipper – Handling hot water is a hazard for any elderly or disabled person. With a kettle tipper, however, you can negate the risk of spilling hot water while trying to fill your cup. A kettle tipper can tilt attaches to any type of electric kettle, and assists in pouring hot water with little effort required.

6. Easy Grip Peeler – Whether you’re preparing dinner or peeling fruit for a snack, a peeler is an essential kitchen item for the elderly and disabled. Peelers optimised for this demographic have a soft, ergonomic, and non-slip grip that makes it easier to handle and use the peeler.

7. Self-Opening Scissors – With serrated blades, the self-opening kitchen scissors have an ergonomic grip that allows the elderly and disabled to cut a multitude of different items without compromising safety. And after cutting, the scissors have a locking mechanism for increased safety when not in use or when stored away.

8. Food Preparation Cutting Board – These Durable cutting boards come with a grip feature that holds food items in one position and grips the items whilst you cut. With many seniors having a poor grip and insufficient dexterity to grip on food items while prepping, this food preparation system comes in very handy.

Final thoughts

Depending on how much grip, dexterity, motor skills and hand strength, you can choose whatever kitchen aids you need that will improve your life or the life of a loved one.

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