Daily Living Aid Products For Disabled Individuals And Elderly Persons



Also known as self-care equipment, or basic assistive technology products, devices and equipment used in everyday functional activities by people with a disability or the elderly. A form of assistive technology aids for daily living includes a wide range of devices. Potential categories of equipment may vary but are not limited to, eating and meal preparation, grooming, bathing and showering, dressing, transferring to and from beds and other parts of the home.

Belliclamp Jar and Bottle Opener

Some common examples include jar openers, food preparation systems, easy reachers, stocking aid frames and adapted utensils or utensils or tool holders that can be used across many activities. Such technologies adapt the environment, rather than the person, to support identified needs, choices, and control. Many compensate for impairments and functional limitations and enable a quicker, safer, or more efficient performance of everyday activities.

Daily living aids are often distinguished from other assistive technologies as low, simple or basic technology. However, there is an increasing, rapidly changing pool of products and features from which to choose and some involve custom fabrication or fitting to meet specific demands.

Previously some daily living aids were available only through medical or rehabilitation professionals, such as occupational and physiotherapists, the equipment is more easily available these days, given the functionality of such devices, many are now built into new homes and community environments and are widely available in department stores, in consumer product catalogues, and on Internet sites.

Daily living aids are being constantly redesigned and updated to increase their ease of use, efficiency and ergonomics in response to the growing disability and aging consumer market. Many daily living aids are no longer considered “assistive” but rather are perceived as common tools and are widely available to the general public.

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