Best Aged Care Equipment For Moving And Handling Elderly People

There are many things to consider when moving and handling elderly people. They have different physical limitations than a younger person, such as brittle bones, reduced mobility and vision issues.

It is important to keep these factors in mind while performing tasks like lifting them or walking with them down the hallway. In this blog, we will discuss the best aged care equipment for moving and handling elderly people.


What Equipment Is Used For Moving And Handling Elderly People?

Many elderly people have trouble doing most daily activities for themselves, and often need some assistance when moving. It's important to be gentle with someone who is frail or sensitive to touch because they may not feel comfortable being handled very often. There are a lot of things that can help make this process easier, some of which include the following:


1.Bathroom Aids

Bathroom aids are the tools that you use to help for personal needs in a bathroom. For example, there is usually an elongated toilet and grab bars installed around bathrooms so those with disabilities can easily get on or off of the toilet without falling.

There may also be medication dispensers near toilets for people who need them during their visit to the restroom. Bathroom aids come with a wide range of features depending on what the needs of the elderly person demands.


2.Electric Beds & Bedroom Accessories

Electric beds and bedroom accessories are great for those who need assistance in or out of bed. They can be lowered to a level that is easy to step out of versus having to climb over, which allows them their independence while also making mobility easier. For elderly people with pain issues it makes life so much more enjoyable because they don't have any additional pressure on their bodies.


3.Care Phones

A care phone is a phone designed with features to help make living alone safer especially for the elderly. The benefits of a care phone include emergency buttons and alerts from caregivers who want to check in on their loved ones, doorbell chimes so seniors can hear when someone enters or leaves without having to get up, large fonts and displays which are easy for aging eyesight, and many more.

Best Aged Care Equipment Moving Handling Elderly People

4.Daily Living Aids

The elderly can find themselves experiencing a number of new physical limitations and inabilities. When they have to purchase items, do household tasks, or just get around their home more easily, they require special assistance. Some common products to assist with daily living available include: walkers, cane holders, ramps/stairs lifts, and many more.


5.Electric Lift Chairs

Electric Lift Chairs are incredible pieces of technology that can make life easier for the elderly. They make it possible to get up and down from chairs, beds, or other elevated surfaces without help from another person.

The chair is operated by a motor that can be activated with handles on either side of the seat. These chairs offer a variety of features to give your aging loved one more independence and mobility so they don't have to rely on others too much.


6.Mobility Aids

Mobility aids are tools used by the elderly to help them live their life with more ease especially when they are mobile or travelling. Mobility aids can be anything from walking sticks and walkers, wheelchairs, or even special beds and chairs! All these items enable a person to improve their quality of living without being so dependent on others.



Helping the elderly can be difficult as their mobility and manoeuvrability decrease, which puts them at risk for falls. However, by installing a rail in an area that they will need to walk through regularly (such as a staircase) it is possible to provide some protection from these risks.

The installation of rails in certain areas such as around staircases or doorways provides extra support when navigating stairs instead of being left unprotected and vulnerable to accidents like slipping or falling down the steps.


Final Thoughts

The best aged care equipment for moving and handling elderly people is a customised plan. As you can see, there are various types of equipment that can be used to move and handle elderly people. 

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