Personal Panic Alarm and Flashlight

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Personal Alarms
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Attach this personal panic alarm and flashlight to your keys or bag via the key chain.

Press the panic button or pull out the emergency pin and your device will sound a loud 125-130dB alarm.

Also includes second button for led light, perfect for finding something in a dark bag, unlocking the door at night or signalling for help.

The Personal Panic Alarm and flashlight can be used in many situations where someone may need to signal for help – for example:

  • Signalling for help and/or scaring off an attacker with the loud and intimidating high pitched alarm sound and flash light.
  • Letting someone know your whereabouts in the case of a natural disaster.
  • Using the flashlight to signal your whereabouts in the dark and much more.
  • This device is suitable for School aged children, the elderly and of course everyone in between.

Made from ABS plastic, weighing 32g and with dimensions of 5x5x2.5com, makes the Personal Panic Alarm and Flashlight the perfect addition to every set of keys, handbag or school back pack.

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