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Home Phones Meet Mobile Technology.

Experience the joys of 3G&4G network with the features of a humble home phone.

Choose your own service provider connect and go.

Big buttons help you dial with confidence.

  • We design our phones with seniors in mind. Whether you have a visual impairment or experience trouble pressing buttons on standard phones, our big button home phones for seniors gives you back the power to stay connected.

Send text messages with ease.

  • We don’t always want a conversation; we sometimes just want to convey information. That’s the beauty of texting. But when you want to send text messages you realise that your mobile phone is too small for you to see the screen or press the buttons. Luckily, with our 4G Mobile Home Phone, you can comfortably send text messages (including multimedia) to friends and family without struggling.

Feel safe at home with this home phone.

  • Safety and peace of mind are at the top of our priorities. When we designed our home phones for seniors, we wanted to make sure they felt protected. Our 4G Mobile Home Phone features an SOS emergency call setting, which can be activated by pressing the button three times in quick succession. You can be sure that you can access the help you need when you need it most.

Easy call feature keeps the most important people one button away.

  • We all have those special people we contact more than anyone else. Siblings, children, grandchildren, and friends – it’s important to stay in touch. With our simple to use EasyCall feature, you can save the four contacts you speak to most so you can call them easily. No more having to search in your contact list for their phone numbers.

Choose your own standard sim card or nano sim card.

This is an order in product wait times may apply.

Colour: Black

Battery 1400mAH

Screen size 2.8''

Power point 240v required

Box dimensions L-26cm W-20cm H-7cm W-1.1kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Bill Nobbs
Excellent product

What a great idea for a phone just put in a sim card and away you go. No cables or phone line needed just a power point.

Allan Hallet
Brillant phone solution

I have been looking for a phone like this since my wife went into the nursing home. The home doesn't have a phone socket, So this was the perfect solution for her to stay in touch with all of the family.

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