Leg Elevation Support

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Australia’s best post-surgery support Australia’s best post-surgery leg support and the choice of leading hospitals and Australian surgeons. Constructed of premium Australian foam, the support maintains the correct ankle, knee and lower leg position of approximately 45 degrees. Offering a range of features:
  • Designed in consultation with Australian health professionals.
  • Keeps the ankle, knee and lower leg in the 45 degree angle position.
  • Australian made high density foam.
  • Stable support that won’t tip.
  • Waterproof and easy to wipe clean.
  • Light weight and portable.
Designed in consultation with health professionals to assist with the following procedures:
  • Leg surgery.
  • Achillies surgery.
  • Knee replacement/reconstruction.
  • Ankle surgery.
  • Foot surgery.

Extra wide, extra deep, extra support Other leg elevation supports are often smaller in size which can result in them tipping or falling, particularly when the patient is asleep. This can interfere with recovery and cause additional complications and unnecessary pain to the patient. The extra width and depth of the Leg Elevation Support is designed to prevent it from moving inadvertently and ensure the leg remains stable, supported and safe throughout the day and night.

The high density, premium Australian made foam meets Australia’s strict quality standards and does not twist or sag like many foams made overseas.

Leg elevation supports have been used for post-operative recovery in orthopaedic wards and patient's homes for over 30 years, and are recommended for use during recovery from a wide range of procedures.



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