Knee Raiser Support

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Post-surgical support for recovering knees.
The Knee Raiser Support is designed to keep the knee in correct angle and alignment during recovery from surgical procedure or treatment. The scalloped design means the lower leg will stay in position without the risk of sliding off during the night or day. 

Specifically designed for use in clinics, hospitals and surgeries, the support has the following benefits:
  • Keeps the knee on the correct angle and in correct alignment to aid in recovery.
  • Scalloped design keeps the lower leg from slipping so knees stays still and supported.
  • Easy-clean SteriPlus waterproof cover.
Designed in consultation with health professionals to assist with the following conditions:
  • Recovery from knee surgery.
  • Knee pain.
  • Poor circulation.
Specifically designed for use in clinics, hospitals and surgeries. The Knee Raiser Support is specifically designed for use in clinics, hospitals and surgeries as a professional support device. With an easy to wipe down, waterproof SteriPlus fabric, the support is easily cleaned and sterilised for use by multiple patients.
Hygenic SteriPlus Cover:
  • Featuring a water and bacteria resistant removable cover for easy cleaning and sterilisation.


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