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Simple, effective solution for poor circulation The Foot Circulator is a simple solution to poor circulation in your feet and lower limbs. Simply push, roll and move your feet against the adjustable foot circulator for a gentle massage that will increase blood flow and revitalise your feet and limbs. Benefits of the Foot Circulator include:
  • Speeds recovery from foot surgery, leg surgery, ankle surgery, toe surgery and achilles surgery.
  • Encourages better circulation for health and general wellness.
  • Adjustable height via a removable insert.
  • Fantastic for elderly people and those with limited ability to exercise.
  • Will benefit those at risk of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) by encouraging circulation.
  • Great for travelling, on the couch, under the desk, even at the dinner table! 

Adjustable height Containing an adjustable insert the Foot Circulator can work at either a height of 11.5 cm or 14 cm depending on preference. It also has a high and a low side which can be rotated.

The Foot Circulator feels great on bare feet or when you are wearing socks. Because it is so comfortable you will love using it for foot stretches and foot rolls to promote increased circulation. This natural stimulation with minimal or no effort will encourage increased blood flow with resulting oxygenation.


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