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Food Preparation
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The food workstation is designed to give additional independence, convenience and assistance with day-to-day kitchen tasks. It is ideal for those who have difficulty in gripping, or only with one hand. It offers a grating and slicing facility as well as clamping and holding features. It is equipped with for sucker feet and four rubber non-slip pads that firmly anchor it in place for additional security on smooth surfaces.
  • Grater & Slicing: Stainless Steel.

Removable Vice Clamp Station:

  • It can open up to hold any object in place. It has one fixed jaw and one moving jaw. Place the object to be held against the fixed jaw. Slide the moving jaw up to the object. Please note that the moving jaw can only be moved with the handle in the upper position. When the moving jaw is touching the object, push down on the handle to lock it. To remove the item, lift the handle up and slide the moving jaw away.
Raised L Shaped Corner Station:
  • It can be used to hold bread and toast in place whilst it is being spread.
Removable Suction Brush Station:
  • Allows one handed cleaning nails, fruit, vegetables, etc.
Removable Grater and Slicing Station:
  • Collect the food with a minimum of mess and waste. It has a removable and protective lid to cover the sharp cutting edges when they are not in use. The lid is simply lifted off when required.
Removable Stainless Steel Spikes Block Station:
  • Keeps bread, fruit or vegetables still when being sliced, chopped or peeled. It is reversible so that it can safely be stored upside down when not in use. To use the spikes block, lift up the block from under the end of the board and remove, reverse the block, return to the slot in the board and push into place.


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It was just what I needed

Workstation is great just what I needed for my kitchen thanks

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