Cura1 Cordless Floor Mat & Transmitter / Battery

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Wireless Floor mat with transmitter replacement items of existing Wireless floor mat (see: A-MAXI-MAT-CL) or as extra parts for the Cordless monitor (see: A-CBM-02).

The floor mat is 1220 x 610 mm and is suitable for residents and patients between 30 kg to 200 kg.

The wireless floor mat will detect pressure and alarm via the cordless monitor.

The Wireless floor mat has a “yoga” style top and is warm under foot.

The mat can be surface cleaned as required using warm water and ordinary cleaning solution.

Set up is simple and can be stand alone for home care or used as part of a nurse call system.

Floor Mat:

  • 1220 x 610 mm.
  • Discreet transmitter pocket.
  • Soft Yoga top material.
  • Suitable for residents and patients between 30 kg to 200 kg.
  • Surface cleanable.
  • Sleek edges to avoid trip hazards.


  • 68 x 55 x 14 mm.
  • 20 meters transmitting distance (depending on the structure of the facility or home.).
  • Sleep mode function.
  • Status/in-use LED indication.
  • On/off switch.
  • Small sleek design.
  • Lightweight.
  • 433 Mhz frequency.


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