Cura 1 Crash Mat With Falls Sensor

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Fall Preventions
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This Cura1 Bedside Crash Mat is designed for residents who tend to fall out of the bed. Once impact with the mat is detected, this mat not only minimises injury but will also send an alarm through to the nurse call system, or if being used in a private home, the alarm will be sent through to the monitor (sold separately)

The Cura1 bedside safety Crash Mat plugs directly into the bedside call point and will alert the caring staff when the resident has rolled off the bed and onto the Crash Mat. The Crash Matโ€™s padding also helps break the fall and reducing the chance of injury and if a great addition to the bedside if you cannot install a side rail on the bed.

This mat is perfect for use in aged care facilities, respite care and the like, however it is also great for use in a home caring environment too.

For use in the home you would also need to purchase the Standard falls monitor if you want the crash mat to alarm is a fall out of bed is sensed.

Please feel free to contact us at and let us know your requirements or situation, we can help you put together the parts you may need to suit most budgets.



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