CuroCell A4 CX10

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Active Mattresses
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  • Active mattress aids in the treatment of pressure related injuries.
  • Fully automatic and flexible alternating pressure mattress overlay system.
  • Fully automated pump individually adapts to the user to optimise pressure.
  • Pump has a user-friendly interface with audible and visible notifications.
  • Three program modes: Pulsation (default), Alternating and CLP (Constant Low Pressure).
  • Air flow is controlled providing constant pressure, increased user comfort and energy reduction.
  • Cells are individually replaceable.
  • Multi-functional inner cover reduces shear forces.
  • Unique CPR with transport function.
  • Pack and go function ensure staff or carer can press a button and easily pack the mattress away without having to manually squeeze the air out of dirty and used products.
  • Four-way stretch complies with European hygiene, quality and safety regulations and is vapour permeable and fluid resistant.
  • Mattress and cover are machine washable up to 95 degrees and can be tumble dried.


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