What Should I Look For When Hiring A Lift Chair?

Are you planning to hire a lift chair? Do you know about some of the most important parameters that should be considered when hiring a lift chair? In today’s blog post, we will explore important factors that should be carefully considered before hiring a lift chair.


What are Lift Chairs?

Electric lift chairs are widely used by the elderly and the disabled. These chairs make it easier for them to stay relaxed on a comfortable chair that is functional for their conditions. Since these are electrically adjustable chairs, electric lift chairs are beneficial because they can be used in various positions depending on the preferences and needs of the user.

When it comes to the cost of lift chairs, you can buy a decent quality lift chair for less than $1,000. However, lift chairs can sell in a wide price range where you could spend more than $8,000 for an expensive lift chair. This is why it is better to rent a lift chair, and if you love the experience, you can always buy a brand-new one for yourself.


Key Features to Consider in a Lift Chair

When renting a lift chair, there are a few key features that you should look out for. These features include the following down below:

1. Position flexibility

One of the most important features of a lift chair is its ability to adjust to different seating positions and angles. This is the feature that often affects the price range of a lift chair. Less expensive lift chairs do not offer that many options but high-end lift chairs allow you almost infinite possibilities. Consider renting a lift chair that can be used in various positions for maximal comfort and flexibility.

2. Size

Lift chairs are available in various sizes. Make sure not to choose a lift chair that is not your size as this may compromise your overall comfort. To make sure the lift chair is not too big or too small for your frame, try testing it out before you officially rent it.

3. Weight carrying capacity

A lift chair is a fun piece of equipment. If you have people visiting you frequently, they might want to pile on and enjoy it in various positions. This is especially true of kids. With that said, you should know that each chair has a particular weight-carrying capacity as it has electric motors. In most cases, lift chairs have a maximum weight capacity of up to 150 kilograms. If too many kids pile on the chair at the same time, they might exceed its capacity and damage the motor or other parts.

Hiring A Lift Chair

4. Material

The material of your lift chair plays an important role especially if you’re going to spend a lot of time sitting on the lift chair. Ideally, the lift chair should have pressure-relieving memory foam along with other practical materials that make long sitting hours more pleasant. The shape should be ergonomic and allow you to remain comfortable for long periods of time.

5. Easy to use

The lift chair you decide to rent should be easy to use. Lift chairs that are more expensive usually have multiple motors that allow you to independently control the leg rest and backrest. They also have an intuitive handheld controller that allows you to rise or recline the chair easily. With that being said, consider renting a lift chair that has various functions that are easy for you to navigate through.

6. Price

The price is important but you should never compromise on comfort just to save some money. Fix a budget and choose the most comfortable option available within your limit so that rental payments are manageable.

7. Vendor

Once you start searching for a rental lift chair, you will find that there are several providers. It’s not that easy to choose the right one. You should choose one that has been active for several years and has an excellent reputation for providing high-quality products at affordable prices and great after-sales service. You can also consider looking at reviews or testimonials to have a better understanding of the vendor’s credibility and reputation.

Final Thoughts

Overall, high-quality lift chairs are designed to enhance your quality of life. Given that there are a lot of lift chairs on the market to choose from, you should pay attention to the things discussed above to help you choose a chair that is ideal for you. Don’t forget to check the reputation of the vendor before finalising your order.

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