What To Consider When Buying A Shower Chair?

Do you or a loved one have difficulties supporting yourself when taking a shower? Are you looking for a quick and easy shower aid to help you out? Luckily, a shower chair is the perfect solution for you.

A shower chair is a water-resistant chair or stool that can be placed inside a shower or bathtub to aid those that struggle to keep themselves upright for a long period of time. They are incredibly helpful and come in a wide variety of models to assist specific needs. 

If you’d like to learn more about shower chairs and the features you should consider when buying one, feel free to continue reading down below.


What is a Shower Chair?

First things first, what is a shower chair? As previously mentioned, a shower chair is a chair or stool that can be placed inside a shower or bathtub. It is commonly used by those that struggle to stand or get tired easily of having to stand upright for a long period of time. Those that use shower seats are those that:

  • Have issues balancing themselves.
  • Have weak legs.
  • Have a higher risk of falling or slipping. 
  • Get tired easily.

With a shower chair, you will be able to comfortably take a shower without the risk of falling or slipping, especially since taking a shower without the proper aid can be very dangerous. 

Owning a shower chair is beneficial because it is removable, offers full-body support, is compact and allows space for caregiver assistance. However, it is worth noting that shower chairs do not offer much support for entering and exiting the shower or bathtub. 

What Consider When Buying Shower Chair

What Should i Consider Before Buying a Shower Chair?

Purchasing a shower chair for the first time might make you wonder how you should go about it. It is also important to remember that because shower chairs are considered a bath safety product, which often means that companies will not accept shower seat returns. This means that you’ll need to pick the right shower chair from the get-go. 

So what are some factors you should consider before purchasing a brand new shower chair? Here are some features to look out for:


Size of the Shower Chair

The size of the shower chair is probably the first feature you should be looking at. You need to make sure that it’s big enough to support you while also being small enough to fit into your shower or bathtub. It’s important to consider measuring the width and depth of your shower or tub floor so that your shower chair can safely fit into these dimensions accordingly.


Seat Size

The size of the shower chair’s seat is important to consider so that you can fit on the shower chair comfortably. You can measure your buttock's width when you are sitting on a flat surface and use this measurement as a reference point. The shower chair should be a little wider than that measurement so that you can securely sit on the chair without sliding, falling off or becoming stuck. 


Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is a critical consideration to keep in mind. Your shower seat should safely support your weight. Depending on the model, shower seats can support various weights, so try to account for this. If ever you need more support, you can consider a bariatric shower chair.


Height Adjustability

Most shower chairs should come with legs that are height-adjustable. This is so that you can sit on the chair at a comfortable level without straining your joints. Make sure to check the specifications for the shower chair you are looking at so that you may make an informed purchase.



As the shower chair is going to be used under running water, it’s important that the chair is made of suitable materials. Try to choose seats that are made of rust-resistant materials such as plastic or aluminium. A sturdy shower chair is often one that is a combination between a plastic seat and aluminium legs.

What Consider When Buying Shower Chair

Chair Style

Chair styles are commonly classified as chairs or stools. Stools are compact but are narrower and don’t have backrests. Meanwhile, seats have a wider space to sit on and can come with or without a backrest. You need to consider the various options before deciding which is best for your comfort.


Final Thoughts

Shower chairs are incredibly helpful devices that help support people that need a helping hand to take a shower. Purchasing a brand new shower chair means considering factors such as seat size, adjustability and materials so that you can get the best and most comfortable experience out of your shower chair.

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