What Are The Benefits Of A Pressure Care Cushion And Why You Should Use One?



Spending great lengths of time in the same position can cause varying levels of discomfort, even pain. One common approach applied in order to help with the problem is the use of pressure care cushions, pillows and mattresses. These are specially designed products to help with pressure relief ranging in composition from materials such as basic foam to high density foam, gel and air, depending on individual situations and the level of pressure relief needed.

These various materials offer different levels of pressure relief and therefore also vary in prices. It is important to note that, regardless of the level of pressure relief obtained by them, pressure cushions are to be used along with other methods for pressure management.


What are pressure injuries?

Oxygen and other nutrients are supplied to all parts of our body, including our skin, via blood vessels. When we sit in a fixed position for a long time, constant pressure can be applied to a small area causing restriction of our blood vessels and a reduction in the supply of blood to that area.


pressure ulcer


This unrelieved pressure and prolonged reduction of blood supply is the most common cause pressure injuries. Pressure ulcers are a type of injury that can affect bed-ridden and hospitalised persons. However, there also are other ways in which pressure injuries can be caused, such as friction, shear, poor nutrition and sensory changes.


Category types

There are three categories of cushion designs- Low Risk, Medium Risk and High Risk. Which cushion you should get depends if you’re at low, medium or high risk of developing pressure sores.

1. Pressure sore cushions come in different materials, where the most popular one is memory foam. Memory foam facilitates blood circulation and spreads out the user’s weight evenly.


memory foam pressure care cushion
Deluxe Seat Cushion made from generous memory foam for the top layer and PU foam


2. The gel cushion is regarded as one of the best materials used for pressure cushions. The combination of viscoelastic foam and silicone gel makes it an ideal choice for those seated the majority of the time.

3. A third option that, designed specifically for those with a high risk of developing pressure sores, is the airflow pressure sore cushion. This cushion has a constant airflow that relieves pressure and some cushions even assist in healing pressure ulcers.
ROHO Hybrid Elite Cushion


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