How Do I Know If I'm Ready For A Wheelchair?

Are you experiencing mobility issues? Does the use of a walker seem to be getting harder by the day? If so, you might be ready for a wheelchair. Many people find it hard to accept that they may need a wheelchair to help them move around.

While it may seem like you are sacrificing your independence, using a wheelchair actually helps you maintain a certain level of independence by making it possible for you to move around safely whenever you want to. With this mobility aid, you can move yourself about using the rim grips or have someone else help you using the push handles.

If the following applies to you, it might be time to get a wheelchair:

  • Your Physician Recommends It
  • You Keep Falling When Using Other Mobility Aids
  • Your Mobility Status Changes
  • Walking Feels Overly Exhausting Or Painful

Read on below to find out more about how to know when you are ready for a wheelchair.


Your Physician Recommends

Your doctor always has your overall well-being in mind when making any medical recommendations. If they recommend that you start using a wheelchair, you can be sure that they know what they are talking about.

Physicians understand just how important it is for you to maintain a healthy level of mobility independence and physical activity. As such, by recommending the use of a wheelchair, your physician understands the benefit of using this mobility aid in ensuring that you continue to move around freely, as much as possible.

How Know Ready Wheelchair

You Keep Falling

If you face an elevated risk of falling when using other mobility aids, then it is time to switch to a wheelchair. Regular falls can expose you to a high risk of suffering serious physical injuries that may further limit your independence or worse.

Furthermore, regular falls can cause you to develop a fear of moving about. With that in mind, it is recommended that you consider using a wheelchair as a way of minimising/eliminating this risk while still facilitating a reasonable level of independence. This is especially important for seniors who are no longer comfortable with using ineffective walkers.


Your Mobility Status Changes

You might need to start using a wheelchair if you experience a drastic change in your mobility status. For instance, if you have been using a walker, but are no longer able to do so due to a stroke that affects your ability to use one of your hands, you might have to switch to a wheelchair to maintain independent mobility.


Walking Feels Overly Exhausting Or Painful

Does walking over short distances using your current mobility aid get harder and harder? If so, it might be time for you to move on to a wheelchair. Using this mobility aid will save you from having to stop, sit and rest every now and then when moving around.

In fact, you can still use your walker for easy manoeuvring indoors and then switch to a wheelchair when covering longer distances outdoors. If you experience a lot of pain when walking, due to arthritis or a physical injury, you might need to start using a wheelchair. In such cases, your need for a wheelchair is generally dependent on whether the pain can be successfully treated or not.



Mobility aids, including wheelchairs, are specifically designed to help individuals suffering from mobility issues maintain a reasonable level of independence when it comes to moving around freely. If you are thinking of switching to a wheelchair, it is recommended that you consult your physician. Remember to choose a high-quality wheelchair from a reputable seller to ensure that you get the most out of this mobility aid.

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