Electric Homecare Beds Explained: What You Need To Know



Gone are the days of hospital beds being stiff and uncomfortable. With today’s advanced technology, remote control adjustments enable the bed to fit to the body and preferred position to provide maximum comfort for a recovering patient. Hospital beds aren’t just limited to the hospital, you can experience the comfort and convenience of a hospital bed in your own home.  

If you have issues with getting comfortable due to aches or soreness, an adjustable bed is your new best friend.   If a loved one or a caregiver is providing you with assistance, they’ll find having a hospital bed at home to be amazing, too. Transferring and repositioning can be physically taxing, so having a bed that can be raised and lowered while automatically repositioning will save them time and energy. If you’re living independently, hospital beds will make sitting up, laying down and getting out of bed much easier than before. 


Eurocare Prosaic Electric Bed


Our beds set the standard for comfort and convenience in adjustable beds with a profound reputation. This is why an electric bed is the perfect at-home hospital bed for you. They’re many benefits include:

  • Ease of use with remote control. 
  • Easier for caregivers to help you.
  • Lessen the strain from painful body aches. 
  • Can improve blood circulation.
  • Help improve sleep.
  • Prevent bed sores. 

Don’t miss out on the comfort and safety features hospital beds can offer.  Select from our range of electric beds and bedroom accessories.