From These To Corded And Cordless Care Phones

In the era of smartphone, instant and brief messaging apps, seniors are opting for longer, more leisurely phone conversations. Our senior population as well as the visual and hearing challenged are more and more choosing a reliable landline phone to use. That is why our expert team at Get About Mobility has researched and reviewed the top corded and cordless phones for seniors and vision impaired.


Corded And Cordless Large Button Care Phones For Seniors And Vision Impaired

Family and friends want to stay close to you and you to them. You may not clock in at a job every day, but it is just as important that you are able to enjoy each call that comes in. Or you may be a senior that works from home and being able to easily answer important calls or replay to each voice mail is important.


The Benefits Of Corded And Cordless Care Phones For The Elderly

Being a senior citizen is a wonderful time of life because you have valuable wisdom. You’re a good listener and you’re ready to keep up with lifelong friends as well as family that are near and far. You may spend more time at home and want to use a landline instead of using your cellphone.

That is why Get About Mobility recommends never dropping your landline service. Smartphones may still be a part of your life, but you want the flexibility of a landline for many personal, safety and practical reasons. Or maybe you have other physical or visual limitations, and a corded or cordless care phone is the only phone you need right now.

That is why ultimately, we recommend the top features in corded and cordless care phones for senior citizens:

  • Large buttons and dials
  • Easy playback and pause
  • Extended volume control
  • High storage capacity for messages
  • Simple answering machine feature
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Trusted and reliable brand
  • Compatible with the NBN broadband access network
  • Hearing aid and T-coil compatible
  • Picture dialing
  • Braille dots


That’s why Get About Mobility now has amplified care phones to the rescue. Senior citizens want few things and simplicity is one of the most important aspects. Forget everything about complicated menus, enhance clarity and of course – enhance the sound.

Also, corded and cordless care phones are very practical because they give you enough freedom to do your work and talk at the same time. You may not want to be tied to one particular place, you have all the freedom to feel comfy and enjoy good, long talks with your family and friends.

You might wonder why a cellular phone would not be more convenient for a senior citizen. The reality is they are too complicated to use. That is why landline phones are still the preferred product to buy for an elderly friend or family member.

Here are some of the most important things when you are choosing the perfect corded or cordless phone for your elderly parent or friend. It could also be a very thoughtful gift for every senior citizen because as you age – you learn to be a better listener.

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