How To Choose The Best Cordless Phone for Seniors

Smartphones have taken over the world but landline connections remain the favourite of seniors. Landline phones offer several advantages over smartphones for senior citizens. What makes a landline connection even better is a cordless care phone as it allows you to move around while talking on the phone.


What is a cordless phone?

Essentially, a cordless phone is a portable phone that can be carried around and used like a landline phone. There are 2 components of a cordless phone: a wireless headset and a base station. 

The base station communicates with the handset through radio frequency. The base unit is connected to the main power and a landline connection.


How much do cordless phones cost?

These phones are available in a wide price range. You can buy one for as low as $100 but there are also phones above $250. 

The major difference between lower and higher-priced phones is the number of handsets that can be connected to the base station. Also, many of these phones are compatible with hearing aids.


Features to look for in a cordless phone

While cordless phones offer several advantages, not all phones are created equal. Here’s a list of the features you should look at when considering these phones:

  • Volume adjustment — Make sure the phone has a high speaker volume and allows you to make volume adjustments easily. This is especially important for people who are hard of hearing.
  • Backlit keypad with large keys — The phone should have a backlit keypad and the keys should be big in size allowing you to see them clearly. The backlight will allow you to make calls easily even when the light is dim.
  • Bluetooth — A Bluetooth feature essentially allows you to connect your smartphone with a cordless handset which means you can use your landline headset to make calls through your mobile phone.
  • Call barring and call waiting — These features are designed to make your life easy. Call barring allows you to block calls from certain numbers and it also allows you to restrict calls to particular numbers without your permission.
  • Sleep mode — This is a feature that makes the phone remain silent during a particular period. This will come in handy if you do not want to get disturbed when you are sleeping at night or during the day.
  • Text to speech – This feature allows you to hear the numbers you are dialling through a speaker built into the phone. Usually, such phones can also read and announce the name of the person calling you.
  • Phone storage – As the name implies, you should be able to store a certain number of phone numbers directly into the phone and it should also have a fast dial feature allowing you to press some keys to automatically dial a number.
  • Number of handsets — This is the feature that allows multiple handsets to be connected to a base station which means you can keep several phones in different parts of the house and don’t need to rush to the base station to get to the phone whenever it rings.
  • Paging — This is the “Find the Phone” feature for cordless phones. If you are in the habit of forgetting where you kept the handset, you can press a button on the base station to find out the location of the handset.
  • Hearing aid compatibility — As the name implies, this feature allows you to connect your hearing aid directly to the phone.
  • Type of battery — Most cordless phones ship with rechargeable batteries but there are also phones that allow you to swap batteries.
Choose The Best Cordless Phone for Seniors

    Best Cordless Phones for Seniors

    Get About Mobility offers a wide range of cordless phones for seniors. While there are several options available in the market, there are certain features that should be there in landline phones meant specifically for senior citizens. Here is a list of the features that should be a part of the best cordless phone for seniors:

    • Large-sized buttons and dials
    • Backlit keypad
    • Extensive volume control
    • Good storage capacity for phone numbers and messages
    • Ease of use
    • Reliability
    • Easy playback
    • Hearing aid compatibility

    The phone should not have too many features as it is likely to make it inconvenient for someone with poor eye sight. This is why many senior citizens prefer a landline phone over a smartphone as smartphones have a ton of features making them complicated to use.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, technology has pervaded every aspect of our lives but when it comes to maintaining communication, there is no better solution than a landline connection for senior citizens. Using smartphones is a complicated process for senior citizens who are used to using landlines. A cordless phone connects to the existing landline connection and allows you the freedom to move around when making or receiving calls.

    Make sure you choose a phone that is easy to use, has an intuitive user interface, is compatible with your hearing aid and has the necessary storage capacity for phone numbers as well as messages.

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