4 Best Phones For People With Dementia Or Alzheimer's

Often individuals are not sure if they should buy care phones for their seniors who have Dementia or Alzheimer's. Could you be in the same dilemma? Are you afraid the phone could be misused or give your loved one a more challenging time?

Most seniors will have difficulty sending a text message if they have Dementia or Alzheimer which limits them to phone calls. To make communication easier for such individuals' it's important to look for care phones to take care of their special needs.


4 Best Phones For People With Dementia Or Alzheimer's Disease

Individuals with Dementia and Alzheimer's have difficulty using popular smartphones to make phone calls. Hence, they need to make use of care phones to stay connected with their family and friends. Some of the best phones for seniors include:

1. Future Call FC-1007SP℠

This phone is the best for individuals with Alzheimer's and Dementia. The phone has extra-large buttons that can also hold a photo allowing your loved one to directly pick the photo of the person they need to call. It has a volume control that allows your loved one amplification of up to 40dB. All the power the phone needs comes from the phone, so it does not require an external power source or a battery.

2. Raz and Kisa Memory Cellphone

The Raz memory phone is a creation of Raz mobility. It is suitable for people with Dementia, Alzheimer's, or other types of intellectual disabilities. The phone has none of the complicated features that are common in smartphones. All the focus on the phone is on the screen. It has no additional steps and pop-ups.

The phone has four main features. It shows time, signal strength, and battery power. It also has a 000 button that allows individuals to seek help without having to input the phone number directly. The button acts as the SOS button in helping seniors reach emergency services. It also offers a Raz emergency service that works as an alternative to 000 emergency calls. It allows persons with Dementia or Alzheimer's to have the names and pictures of 6 contacts though it can feature a maximum of 24 contacts.

3. No Dial Telephone

This phone is another great option for seniors with Dementia or Alzheimer's. It has a cord that prevents the phone from getting misplaced or lost. Its traditional design makes it remain familiar to seniors. It helps families and friends manage an individual with compulsive dialling problems in the late stages of Dementia.

4. Geemarc Amplified Photo Telephone

The phone has an interface stripped of any distracting features. It was designed to ensure that your loved one can place calls in the easiest way possible. It has large photos that help individuals to contact loved ones easily. It has a pick-up headset that makes it easy to receive phone calls. It is also compatible with hearing aids.

All these phones have different safety features that will help a senior with Dementia or Alzheimer's have an easier time communicating. It’s important to do your research so you can select the best one to suit your loved one's needs.

Best Phones For People With Dementia Or Alzheimer's

How To Choose Care Phones For People With Dementia Or Alzheimer's

When choosing a care phone for individuals with Dementia or Alzheimer's, you must make several considerations. Most of these considerations are mainly related to the features of the phone, which dictate how easy it will be for your loved one to use the phone. They include:

1. Large Buttons

Often, small buttons close together are irritating to seniors, especially if they have some form of visual impairment or poor eyesight. Consider choosing phones with large buttons that make it easy to read and hit to avoid accidental taps.

2. T-Coil Compatibility

If your loved one has trouble hearing and must use a hearing aid, consider using a hearing aid that is compatible with a T-coil. That way, you are sure that your loved one can easily hear and understand what is said.

3. Hands-Free Speaker

Most seniors prefer having a hands-free speaker mode to allow them to talk without clinging to the phone. This will also help your loved ones if they have a hard time aligning the handset on their ear.

4. Loud Ringer Or Visual Ringer

A loud ringer is of help to loved ones who have Dementia or Alzheimer's but also have trouble hearing. It offers seniors higher ringing volumes than normal and flashing lights to ensure they do not miss out on any phone calls.

5. Simplicity 

Simplicity Endeavour to buy your senior a phone that has simple features to accommodate their memory loss. Limit the features to the number of features they can comfortably use.

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