Assistive Devices For People With A Disability


Practical tools which can help people with disabilities complete everyday tasks include devices which help with reading and learning, such as automatic page turners, book holders and adapted pencil grips; adaptive switches and utensils to allow those with limited motor skills to eat, play games and participate in other activities; other devices with features can help with performing tasks such as cooking, dressing, grooming, bathing and food preparation.

Specific tools for helping with everyday tasks include:

Jar Openers – Get About Mobility offers a range of one-handed can openers to simplify the task of opening cans for those with the use of only one hand or who have reduced grip or hand strength. By locking into place for easy use with a single hand, they allow users to easily open cans with minimal effort, reducing frustration and strain and preventing injury while affording the user more independence in the kitchen.

Stocking and Sock Aids – Sock Aids are ideal for helping those who have trouble bending and reaching to put their socks on. It grips the sock so the user can easily slide it over the foot and includes large loop handles that provide additional support for those with a weakened grip. 

Shower AccessoriesShower accessories like grab rails, handheld shower heads and shower chairs, stools and transfer bath seats help people with disabilities to care for themselves and maintain independence, health and hygiene.


Cutlery - Lightweight, large handles are easy to grip and enable better handheld stability when eating your food. All our cutlery is sold as individual pieces, or in a set, so you can decide whether you need support with all your cutlery or just singular items.

The main feature of our cutlery aids is their large, contoured handles. We have a wide range of these aids, with lots of different styles and colours. However, we also provide angled cutlery, as well as attachable handles, that all have unique benefits.


Easy Reachers Extended arm easy reachers are designed with lightweight materials so they are light and easy functional. These aids are available in different colour and length sizes to suit all applications around the home. Using easy reachers around the home increase ones ability to retrieve objects that might be either at height or floor level. 

Key Safe Boxes – Are ideal to hide a key and can be accessed by using the right combination. It has a four digit resettable code. Its uses are varied and can be useful in providing entry access to emergency services, carers who are needed to assist the aged or disabled. There are two models, the most popular as a box that can be screw fixed to a surface. Alternatively, there is a portable model with a padlock shackle that is useful in more mobile situations. 

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