Aged Care Equipment for Hire: What You Need to Know

As we or our loved ones age, ensuring comfort, safety, and independence becomes paramount. For many, aged care equipment is essential in achieving these goals. Whether it's for a temporary recovery period or long-term support, hiring equipment can be a practical and economical solution. But what do you need to know about hiring aged care equipment?


The Importance of Choosing the Right Equipment

Selecting the right aged care equipment can significantly enhance the quality of life for elderly individuals. It can provide:

  • Improved Mobility: Essential for maintaining independence and reducing the risk of falls.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Items like adjustable beds and pressure care cushions can alleviate pain and improve sleep quality.
  • Increased Safety: Equipment such as grab rails and shower chairs can make daily activities safer.

Understanding your or your loved one’s specific needs is crucial in choosing the right equipment. Consulting with healthcare professionals can provide valuable insights.


Types of Aged Care Equipment Available for Hire

There's a wide array of aged care equipment available for hire, tailored to various needs and conditions. Here are some of the most commonly hired items:

Mobility Aids

Mobility aids are crucial for those with difficulty walking or standing. They include:

  • Walking Frames: Offer support and balance for those who can walk but need extra stability. They come in various designs, including those with wheels for easier movement.
  • Wheelchairs: Available in manual and electric versions, providing mobility for those who cannot walk. Manual wheelchairs are more affordable, while electric ones offer greater independence.
  • Scooters: Ideal for outdoor mobility, offering independence for errands and social activities. They are perfect for those who have limited walking ability but want to maintain an active lifestyle.

Bathroom Aids

The bathroom can be a particularly hazardous area for the elderly. Bathroom aids enhance safety and independence:

  • Shower Chairs: Provide a safe, comfortable seat for showering. They are especially useful for those with balance issues or who tire easily.
  • Grab Rails: Installed in strategic locations to prevent slips and falls. These rails can be placed near the toilet, in the shower, or alongside the bathtub.
  • Raised Toilet Seats: Make it easier to sit down and stand up from the toilet. They reduce the strain on the knees and hips, making bathroom visits more comfortable.

Bedroom Equipment

Creating a safe and comfortable sleeping environment is vital. Common bedroom equipment includes:

  • Adjustable Beds: Allow for better positioning and ease of getting in and out of bed. They can be adjusted to various heights and angles, improving comfort and reducing the risk of bedsores.
  • Pressure Care Mattresses: Help prevent pressure sores for those who are bedridden. These mattresses distribute weight evenly, reducing pressure points and enhancing sleep quality.
  • Overbed Tables: Useful for meals, reading, or other activities while in bed. They can be adjusted for height and angle, providing convenience and comfort.

Daily Living Aids

These aids assist with everyday activities, enhancing independence and ease of living:

  • Lift Chairs: Help individuals stand up from a seated position. They are especially beneficial for those with mobility issues or who experience difficulty getting out of a regular chair.
  • Kitchen Aids: Devices like jar openers and adapted utensils make cooking and eating easier. These tools can reduce the effort required for daily tasks, promoting independence.
  • Personal Alarms: Ensure help is available at the press of a button in case of emergencies. They provide peace of mind for both the elderly and their caregivers.


Benefits of Hiring Aged Care Equipment

Why should you consider hiring aged care equipment instead of buying? Here are a few compelling reasons:


Hiring is often more affordable, especially for short-term needs. This option allows access to high-quality equipment without a significant upfront investment. For example, if you're recovering from surgery and only need a wheelchair for a few months, hiring is much more economical than purchasing one outright.


Hiring provides flexibility to upgrade or change equipment as needs evolve. This is particularly beneficial for those recovering from surgery or with fluctuating health conditions. If an individual's mobility improves or declines, they can easily swap out their equipment for something more suitable.

Maintenance and Support

Most hire services include maintenance and support, ensuring the equipment remains in good working condition. This can alleviate concerns about repairs and servicing. Regular maintenance checks and prompt repairs are typically part of the hiring agreement, ensuring the equipment is always safe and functional.


What to Consider When Hiring Aged Care Equipment

When hiring aged care equipment, several factors should be considered to ensure you make the best choice:

Duration of Use

Determine whether the need is short-term or long-term. This will influence the type of equipment and the rental terms. Short-term needs might arise from temporary conditions such as post-operative recovery, while long-term needs are often due to chronic conditions or age-related mobility issues.

Specific Needs

Assess the specific requirements of the user. Consult healthcare professionals to ensure the chosen equipment meets these needs effectively. Detailed assessments can identify the exact support required, preventing unnecessary or unsuitable hires.

Quality and Safety

Ensure the equipment is of high quality and meets safety standards. Check for certifications and read reviews if available. High-quality equipment not only lasts longer but also provides better support and comfort.

Cost and Terms

Understand the costs involved, including any deposits, delivery charges, and rental terms. Ensure there are no hidden fees. It's also wise to compare prices and terms from different providers to get the best deal.


FAQs About Hiring Aged Care Equipment

How long can I hire aged care equipment for?

The duration can vary from a few days to several months, depending on your needs and the rental company's policies. Some providers offer flexible rental terms that can be extended or shortened as required.

Is delivery and setup included?

Most companies offer delivery and setup services. However, it's important to confirm this before hiring. Ensure that the provider includes these services in the rental agreement to avoid any unexpected charges.

Can I hire multiple pieces of equipment?

Yes, you can hire as many pieces of equipment as needed to meet your or your loved one’s requirements. Bundling multiple items may even qualify you for discounts or package deals.

What if the equipment breaks down?

Most hire services include maintenance and support. Contact the provider for repairs or replacements if the equipment breaks down. Prompt service ensures minimal disruption to the user’s daily routine.

Are there options for trial periods?

Some companies offer trial periods to ensure the equipment meets your needs before committing to a longer rental term. This trial period can be particularly useful to test out the equipment in a real-life setting.


Tips for Making the Most of Hired Aged Care Equipment

To maximise the benefits of hired aged care equipment, follow these tips:

  • Regularly Assess Needs: Continually evaluate the needs of the user to ensure the equipment remains suitable. Regular assessments can help identify changes in health status and adjust the equipment accordingly.
  • Maintain Communication: Keep in touch with the hire service for any necessary adjustments or maintenance. Building a good relationship with the provider can ensure quick responses and better service.
  • Educate Users: Ensure the user understands how to operate the equipment safely and effectively. Proper usage instructions can prevent accidents and enhance the equipment’s benefits.


Where to Hire Aged Care Equipment

There are several reputable providers of aged care equipment for hire. It's important to choose a provider that offers:

  • A Wide Range of Equipment: To meet diverse needs. A broad selection ensures you can find exactly what you need without compromise.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensuring all equipment is safe and well-maintained. Look for providers who conduct regular maintenance and safety checks.
  • Support Services: Including delivery, setup, and maintenance. Comprehensive support services make the hiring process smooth and hassle-free.

Local Providers

Many local health and aged care services offer equipment hire. These providers often have the advantage of being familiar with community needs and regulations. They may also offer more personalised service and quicker response times.

Online Providers

Online providers offer a convenient way to hire equipment, often with a wider range of options. Be sure to verify the provider’s reputation and read customer reviews. Online hire services can provide detailed descriptions and customer feedback, helping you make an informed choice.


The Future of Aged Care Equipment Hire

The aged care equipment hire industry is evolving, driven by technological advancements and increasing demand. Here are a few trends shaping the future:

Technological Advancements

New technologies are making aged care equipment more efficient and user-friendly. Innovations such as smart wheelchairs, automated lift chairs, and advanced monitoring systems are transforming the landscape.

Customisation and Personalisation

Future equipment hire services will likely offer more customised and personalised options. Tailoring equipment to individual needs and preferences can enhance comfort and effectiveness.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Sustainability is becoming a priority in many industries, including aged care. Eco-friendly equipment and sustainable hire practices are emerging trends that benefit both users and the environment.

Integrated Care Solutions

Combining equipment hire with other care services is another growing trend. Integrated solutions can provide comprehensive support, making it easier for users to manage their health and wellbeing.


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Investing in the right aged care equipment can make a world of difference in comfort, safety, and independence. Hiring this equipment offers flexibility, cost savings, and access to a range of high-quality options tailored to specific needs. 

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