7 Ways To Reduce Falls In The Home

A fall in the home could put you at risk of injury, especially if you are elderly or have weaker bones or joints (which tends to happen as we age). Research shows that almost 3 out of 4 falls occurs inside or close to the home, and 1 out of 5 falls can lead to serious injuries.

Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to reduce the risk of falls happening inside your home. Here are our top tips.


1. Install Hand Railings

Hand railings can come in handy, literally, in case you happen to miss a step, trip, or slip. You can have hand railings installed on your staircase so that you can hold on to them securely while climbing up and down. 

You can also install railings or grab rails in your bathroom, especially next to the bathtub so that you can hold it while stepping out of a shower or bathtub.


2. Furniture Layout

Your risk of falling depends a lot on how you arrange the furniture in your house. The more you keep the furniture out of your way while moving around, the safer it would be for you.

Rearrange furniture such that you have a clear path to walk through. Avoid placing any piece of furniture in the middle of the room. 

Also, don't forget to tuck those extension cords under the couch and block any hazard that could cause you to trip.

This will allow you to move around freely without stumbling on the couch or hitting a table. It will also make it easier for you to perform your daily chores. 


3. Non Slip Mats

The kitchen and bathroom are the two common places where the incidences of falls occur more frequently. The wet floor of the bathroom and the water or milk spilled on the kitchen floor can cause you to slip and fall.

It is possible to reduce these potential dangers by placing a non-slip mat in the kitchen, shower, and bathtub. The friction between the mat and the floor can help to keep you from slipping while stepping on these surfaces.


4. Easily Accessible Items

No one knows better than you the things you need more frequently. Whether it is your medicines, TV remote or the kitchen utensils; keep them at places where you can reach easily.

Avoid placing items that you need frequently at a height so that you do not have to climb on a stool and risk falling off. 


5. Using Walking Stick, Walking Frame Or Walker With Wheels

A walking stick, walking frame or walker with wheels could be your best friend if you have reduced mobility. These mobility aids help you avoid falls by providing a firm grip with the floor while walking.

Using a walker will also reduce the pressure exerted on your knee and hip joints, which could be useful if you experience joint pain as a result of osteoarthritis for example

You can use a walking stick, walker or walker with wheels outdoors as well, but it’s a good idea to have different ones that stay inside so you are not bringing mud or dust inside your home.

Walker with wheels and walking frames are specifically designed for indoor use and are narrower to fit through narrow doorways and tight space areas.


6. Avoid Wearing Loose Clothing

You want to feel comfortable at home, but baggy clothes can sometimes make you more likely to fall. Opt for better-fitting and properly hemmed clothing that doesn’t bunch up or drag on the ground.


7. Live On One Level

Even with precautions like guardrails, stairs can present a significant falling hazard. “If possible, live on one level, otherwise be extra-careful and take your time when you negotiate stairs. If it’s not possible to live on one level, try to limit the trips you take up and down the stairs. 

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