10 Daily Living Aids To Help The Elderly

As we begin to age, we start having difficulties carrying out basic everyday activities with ease. Tasks such as walking or eating can be a bit more challenging. However, that does not mean that doing these tasks is without hope. Now, we have common daily living aids to help us out. 

Daily living aids are the perfect helping hand for everyday activities like preparing food, going to the toilet and much more, especially for those who have limited mobility. In this article, we will share 10 of the most common daily living aids that can help the elderly.

If would like to learn more about the 10 most common daily living aids to help the elderly, feel free to continue reading down below.


Supportive Cushions

Sitting for an extended period of time can be uncomfortable or even painful as it places strain and stress on your muscles. This could lead to injury if left untreated for a lengthy period of time. With supportive cushions, you’ll be able to provide comfort for your body and decrease the possibility of getting injuries. 

There are various models of cushions that can be designed with multi-functional features to support areas such as your back so that you won’t feel sore and uncomfortable. 


Overbed Tables

If you have a hard time getting up from bed to eat because of limited mobility, overbed tables are a great invention for this. Overbed tables provide a surface from the comfort of your bed so that you can place your food, drinks, books and more.


Lightweight Wheelchairs

Heavy wheelchairs kind of defeat the purpose of easy mobility. They can be hard to manoeuvre and get around with. Instead, you can opt for lightweight wheelchairs which are the best solution for everyday transit. There are some models that are foldable so that you can use the chair wherever you go. Other models have seatbelts and removable leg rests for better support and comfort. 

10 Daily Living Aids Help Elderly

Over Toilet Aid

Overtoilet aids are used to provide support for those that have difficulties lowering themselves to sit on toilet seats. Some features you might find on over-toilet aids include adjustable heights, handrails, splash guards and more.


Absorber Bag Commode Liners

Commodes can function as portable toilets and as transfer seats for showers, chairs and toilets. Pots and pails are usually features found in commodes if they are to be used as portable toilets. With absorber bags, you’ll be able to clean the mess that is made when you use commodes as portable toilets. You’ll be able to absorb odours and make sure that the cleaning process is as sanitary as possible.


Shower Chairs

Showering can be dangerous most especially if you have limited mobility and struggle to hold yourself upright for a long time. A shower chair is basically a seat that you can use inside the shower. They do not rust and have rubber non-slip feet and drainage holes to promote a shower-friendly experience. There are also other shower chairs that offer back support, handrails and more for extra safety.


Alarmed Sensor Pads

Fall risks are quite common among the elderly, so it’s important that there are some measures put in place to alert someone nearby whether an elderly person has fallen off their chair.

Alarmed sensor pads are the perfect tool for this as it has internal sensors programmed to detect pressure changes on the mat. An alarm will sound off if someone has fallen off the mat, alerting the nearest person when this happens.


Easy Reacher Grabbers

Easy Reacher grabbers are the perfect solution for time-consuming tasks such as bending down and picking things up. These tools are very helpful for individuals that have problems with their hips, backs, or general mobility. Reacher grabbers are user-friendly and are comfortable to use for those that have weak hand grips.

10 Daily Living Aids Help Elderly

Food Preparation Systems

As the name suggests, food preparation systems offer support for those that have a hard time preparing their own food. It has a cutting surface, non-slip rubber feet and other features such as clamps and spikes. The non-slip rubber feet prevent the board from sliding, the clamps keep the food and other items such as cans in place and the spikes hold the food so that you may cut or peel them with one hand.


Automatic Pill Dispensers

Taking medication everyday can be hard if you have a hard time remembering what pills to take for that day. Specialised dispensers have alarms that alert you if you need to take your pill so that you don’t forget. An automatic pill dispenser allows you to take a pill without missing a day. 



Daily living aids are best suited for elderly people that need assistance for basic tasks such as walking, cooking food, taking a shower and much more. Examples of living aids to choose from include shower chairs, supportive cushions, alarmed sensor pads and more.

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