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Mobility Walkers

Are you having trouble with mobility? Is it difficult for you to maintain balance and remain stable? Get About Mobility's collection of mobility aids includes a wide range to help you experience a better quality of life. From seat walkers to quad sticks to walking frames to walkers with wheels, we have everything to upgrade your mobility and help you become more independent.

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Staying mobile can be a challenge for the elderly and individuals with certain disabilities. Check out our range of mobility and disability equipment that has been specifically picked to help you move around safely and conveniently. We offer a wide range of walkers including seat walkers, walkers with wheels, walking frames, walking frames with wheels, forearm walkers, gutter arm rollator, quad sticks, walking sticks, special canes, knee walkers, and a whole lot of accessories.

Our heavy-duty mobility walkers offer better support compared to a walking stick or a cane. We also offer height-adjustable frames to provide a flexible mobility solution. If you don't have any stability issues but still need additional support to walk freely, check out our collection of walkers with wheels, adjustable height handles and a soft touch adjustable brake. These are super lightweight and made from high-quality aluminium.


Walking Frames, Walking Sticks, Mobility Walkers for Elderly & Disabled


Whether you are searching for a heavy-duty mobility walker or a lightweight walker with wheels, we offer a variety of mobility solutions for the elderly and disabled. Our collection includes mobility walkers, walking sticks, walking frames and a whole range of accessories along with other mobility solutions from the top brands. If you are experiencing balance or stability issues, our mobility walkers will help you move around independently.

We offer a huge range of tri-wheeled rollators designed for indoor and outdoor use. These offer a greater turning radius and manoeuvrability. All the products we offer have a high user weight rating.


Mobility Aids FAQs


What does a mobility aid do?


Mobility aids are designed to help the elderly and individuals with disabilities walk independently. These aids help in enhancing the safety and independence of individuals and allow them to walk freely by reducing the risk of falls. There are various types of mobility aids including seat walkers, walking frames, walking sticks, crutches, canes, walkers with wheels, knee walkers, and a few other options.


Do I need a mobility aid?


If you are having difficulty walking due to ageing or injury, mobility aids are a great solution to help you walk around independently. Not everyone admits that they need a walking aid such as a walking stick or a walking frame or a mobility walker but these aids are designed to help you maintain balance and remain stable while walking. Here are a few things you need to consider whether you need a mobility aid:

  • Walking or standing is painful for you
  • Difficulty in maintaining balance due to injuries or impairments
  • You struggle with lower body strength
  • Walking or standing for some time makes you tired
  • Certain medications make you dizzy
  • Difficulty in maintaining balance while walking or standing
  • Experienced falls when walking or standing

What are disability aids called?


Disability aids help to maintain an independent lifestyle when it comes to everyday tasks such as walking, dressing, eating, bathing, toileting, calling on the phone, and other such everyday tasks. Common examples of disability aids include mobility scooters, wheelchairs, rollators, walkers with wheels, seat walkers, knee walkers, and other such equipment.

Who can benefit from mobility aids?


It is estimated that an overwhelming number of Australians living with disabilities make use of mobility aids. Any individual with a temporary or long-term mobility issue can significantly improve their quality of life with various mobility aids. Many different types of mobility aids exist to allow individuals to move around independently. Individuals who will benefit from mobility aids include:

  • People with broken bones or fractures
  • Suffering from lung or heart issues
  • People with arthritis
  • Individuals who have difficulties maintaining balance
  • Individuals with injured back, feet or legs
  • Individuals on medications that cause dizziness
  • Individuals with visual impairment

Are walking sticks good for seniors?

Walking sticks are a great mobility aid for seniors who need some support for maintaining balance. There are different kinds of walking sticks such as a walking cane or a quad stick. Modern walking sticks have a variety of useful features such as adjustable height, foldability, and many other benefits.

What are walking aids used for?


A walking aid is designed to help people struggling with mobility. A variety of walking aids exist and choosing the right one depends on an individual's specific mobility needs. These aids help in improving balance and maintaining stability. With the right mobility aid, you will be able to walk around safely and independently. A well-designed walking aid will help in preventing falls and help you stay mobile.

What mobility aid is right for me?


There are all kinds of mobility aids and it is better to choose one after discussing your requirements with your doctor or a healthcare professional. Some of the common types of mobility aids include rollators, crutches, canes, walking sticks, seat walkers, walking frames, walkers with wheels, quad sticks, and others. All these aids are designed to help users improve balance and stability when walking.


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