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The UriBagĀ® is a convenient solution. Its compact storage tube, efficient shape and Latex construction are superior to any existing product. In every detail, the UriBagĀ® is an improvement for the user. Light, but durable, the UriBag's snap-lock seal does not leak. It is easily stored and can be used discreetly, sealed, then emptied and washed later.

  • It is even more convenient than adapted urinals. The UriBagĀ® can be carried in a pocket until needed.
  • For incontinent men who do not wear catheters, the UriBagĀ® is available whenever they need to urinate. It requires only minimal privacy.
  • For boys and men who are traveling or camping, the UriBagĀ® is a practical solution. Applications for the UriBagĀ® are not limited to medical patients. is a small, well designed urinal that stows neatly into a pocket or handbag.


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