Minimising Fall Risk: Personal Handling Belts



As one of the easiest and most affordable patient transfer devices to employ are transfer garments such as vests, belts, and slings will help minimize injury and fall risks for the patient and the caregiver.

If the person you’re caring for retains some weight-bearing capacity a transfer belts may be all you need to assist in their daily mobility and positioning activities. Transfer vests fit around the torso and chest just like regular vests, and wearers keep them on throughout the day or night to ensure instant access for their caregivers.

Easy Belt / Flexibelt


Usually designed with built-in handles, they’re intended to provide a firm hold for caregivers to use to help transfer the wearer from a supine position to a seated one, from a seated position to a standing one and from a standing position to a walking movement.

Transfer waist belts come me in a vast assortment of styles, sizes and are most often shaped like a regular belt. They loop around the patient’s waist and provide hand holds  for the caregiver to hang on to in order to support patient as they change position or move about.

Transfer belts provide added support to the lumbar area along with the lower trunk. They provide the wearer and caregiver greater confidence and stability.

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