How Many Different Sizes Of Wheelchairs Are There? 

How many different sizes of wheelchairs are there? Do different types of wheelchairs come in different sizes? The truth is wheelchairs are available in many sizes, but different types might vary. Read on to find out the typical size of different kinds of wheelchairs. 


Manual Wheelchairs

Generally speaking, 26 inches is the average size of a manual wheelchair. As the name suggests, the user of a manual wheelchair operates it on their own. They typically use their hands to steer the chair, stop it and so forth. Manual wheelchairs don't require assistance from another person or battery. 

Bear in mind that manual wheelchairs are available in sizes smaller than 26 inches. Also, the seat on manual wheelchairs is usually very wide. This means it should be easy for a person to find a manual wheelchair that is a suitable size for them. 


Motorised Wheelchairs

A motorised wheelchair is often referred to as an electric wheelchair. This type of chair is usually around 32 inches in width. However, there are many models that range between 22 inches and 30 inches in width. However, there are electric wheelchairs that have seat cushions that are wider than 28 inches, which means there are electric wheelchairs that can be wider than 32 inches. 

People usually choose electric wheelchairs because they don't require much strength to operate. Not only that, but they go much faster than manual wheelchairs. Furthermore, motorised wheelchairs can go for longer distances than other types of wheelchairs. The only downside to electric wheelchairs is they typically cost more than manual wheelchairs. 

How Many Different Sizes Wheelchairs

Transport Wheelchairs

These types of wheelchairs are available in an array of sizes, and they are designed for travel. In fact, transport chairs are commonly referred to as travel chairs. How big the chair is will depend on the preference of the user. Twenty-three inches is the average size people go for, but transport chairs are available in smaller sizes such as 19 inches, 18 inches and 17 inches. 

Transport wheelchairs often have features that make them easy to bring while on the go. For example, they can usually be folded and the wheels can also be folded in, that way they can fit inside vehicles, public transport and so on. Although it depends on the user, it is usually a good idea to opt for a transport wheelchair that is durable and lightweight. 


Sports Wheelchairs

The average size of sports wheelchairs is 27 inches, but they can be found in smaller sizes. These types of wheelchairs are used by disabled sportspeople and those participating in sports. For example, disabled tennis players, basketball players and rugby players often use sports wheelchairs. Bear in mind that sports wheelchairs can be built in many different sizes, which isn't surprising because every athlete has different requirements when it comes to wheelchair sizes.


Other Information: Overall Chair Height 

It's worth noting that standard wheelchairs are typically just as tall as the average office chair. This means whoever uses the chair will be able to sit in an upright position, while their legs are properly supported. Depending on where a person buys their wheelchair, they might be able to have the back customised, which means it can be shorter or taller than the average office chair. 



So there we are with the different sizes of wheelchairs. It's important to note that people can often customise the size of their wheelchair, but this may cost additional money. The key to finding the right size is to compare as many wheelchairs as possible. The more wheelchairs a person compares, the better their chances are of finding the ideal chair.

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